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Earl Grey Teabags Refreshing / Citrus / 50 Teabags


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The classic black china tea is scented with a dash of oil from the citrus fruit bergamot for that discreetly distinctive and refreshing sensation. This vital ingredient was presented to the second Earl Grey who was the British Prime Minister of the time, by an envoy on his visit to China in 1830. This light tea, pale gold in colour, has been served in the gilded china of the drawing rooms of England ever since. As with so many of our Tea Grades we only stock the very top! So, steel yourself for our Earl Grey Extra.

*Contains 50 Teabags

Black Tea with Bergamot
Lancaster Blend
Full Body / Rich Tannins / Red Liquor
Earl Grey
Refreshing / Bergamot / Citrus
Assam Teabags
Strong / Satisfying / 50 Teabags
China Green Teabags
Sweet / Soft / 50 Teabags
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