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Pegasing Blackberry / Dates / Caramel


In The Cup

We’re getting a thick, juicy body with notes of blackberry, dates and caramel from this Sumatra Pegasing thanks to the innovative processing and hard work of th...

Panta Musara
Pegasing Team
Hendra Maulizar
Tim Tim & Gayo 1
1,500 masl

In The Cup

We’re getting a thick, juicy body with notes of blackberry, dates and caramel from this Sumatra Pegasing thanks to the innovative processing and hard work of the Hendra family.

The Story

After moving to the area, Hendra’s father, Hamdan starting growing coffee in the sub district of Pegasing in 2006. When he began working with his father in 2010, Hendra soon began experimenting with washed coffees, a rarity in a sea of conventional Sumatran wet hulled coffee. This extra effort paid off. Researching old literature and seeking help from others in Indonesia also moving away from the wet hulled processing, highlighted more flavour complexity in their coffee and created something really unique.

Over recent years, Hendra and the family have invested heavily in the farm but more specifically in the post harvesting facilities. They have built a small wet will with two pulpers, gravitational washing channels and several raised beds in large poly tunnels for drying the coffee. Of the 40 tons of green coffee produced each year, Hendra now has around 8-10 different processes that he produces.

Social and Environmental

Coffee is purchased from 70 farmers around the area who are incentivised to pick only the ripest cherries and in turn are rewarded by Hendra for good picking. If any farmers have travelled further to get to the farm they are paid extra for this as well. Hendra has also started a nursery where he is helping to grow the Abyssinia varietal, the first varietal to be cultivated in Indonesia. Working with local farmers to plant small plots of this on their land, he pays more for this varietal due to the reduced yield and higher cup quality.


Tim Tim, short for Timor Timur, which was a region in the south of Indonesia, is a natural cross between Arabica and Robusta that was discovered in the area in the early 20th century and became popular in the 50’s due to it’s high yield and disease resistance. Over the years, natural adaptations have happened in different regions of Indonesia and Gayo 1 is an example of this in North Sumatra. Typically, Robusta and Arabica hybrids have traits of both in the cup with good examples having big body but also good sweetness and acidity with a clean finish.


The washed coffee is pulped and floated in channels before being fermented for 12 - 18 hours in a concrete tanks. It is then left to dry on the raised beds for between 8 – 14 days weather depending.

Before being placed into bags the coffee is put through a density table twice to help remove immature beans. It then goes through two rounds of hand picking to make sure it is clean and of the best, specialty standard.

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