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New Coffee & Tea Packaging

Our new coffee & tea packaging is finally here! Recyclable and CO2 Neutral, our mission was to find the most environmentally friendly option that better preserved the freshness of our coffee and tea. It was also vitally important to us to create a design that paid tribute to our rich heritage whilst also bringing Atkinsons into the 21st Century. After months of planning we decided on the innovative Recyclable, CO2 Neutral bags from Dutch Coffee Pack.

Kinder to the Environment
One of the driving forces behind our packaging upgrade was to find the most environmentally friendly solution. With a multitude of different options out there and varying opinions on the subject, this was no easy task, however the guys at Dutch Coffee Pack have put together a package that made this decision much easier. Not only are their bags recyclable but they are CO2 Neutral. This means that the green-house gas emissions needed to produce their bags are offset by CO2 reducing programmes that they invest in, in coffee producing countries. For example, in Kenya and Ethiopia, where most people still cook on an open fire, which is not only a health hazard but massively polluting, fuel efficient cookstoves are installed solving multiple problems. One stove can save nearly three tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, cut household fuel bills by over a third and improve health standards in these communities. They also contribute to massive reductions in deforestation. This means that with us you are now part of the CookStove Project. CookStove Project
Fresher Coffee
Our previous bags featured the all-important one-way valve but this was not recyclable. Now it is! This valve is important not only for increasing the shelf life of your coffee, by allowing CO2 to escape after roasting but also it allows the coffee to rest and prevents oxygen entering the bag, which deteriorates the coffee’s flavours faster. They now also feature an equally recyclable, resealable zip so that you can flush out that nasty O2 between brews. As well as preserving coffee for longer, before and after opening, increasing shelf life is also a great way in general to cut down on food waste. Another hot topic in the environmental struggle.
Fresher Look
One of the big considerations when designing this coffee & tea packaging was trying to create a new look that held on to something from our past while keeping us looking contemporary. As a much-loved local institution, a large part of our customer base is made up of our loyal Lancaster shop regulars. Some of them have been coming in literally for decades and generations! So this bag had to be right!

When we made the last change to our packaging, some 12 years ago, we adopted the brown Kraft look. Although this looked eco-friendly, there have since been huge advances in sustainable materials which can allow a lot more possibilities to include in the packaging design. After looking over some designs from the Atkinsons archive we noticed some blue, white and burgundy in designs from the last century which gave us the impetus to experiment a bit. Settling on a matt white bag for our Single Origin Coffees and Teas gives a blank canvas for our green and blue coffee and tea labels, on which we print some vital info. For our blends a double sided bag colour means we can add more colour to the range. A gold logo is a nod to one the oldest bags we found, probably from the turn of the 19th century. A sign that even back then a look of quality was important to the house style. Still a proud, premium brand we feel it is time to celebrate this and just gild the lily, in a very discreet way.
The Piece in our Quality Jigsaw
This is the last link in a long chain of quality control innovations that make such a big difference to the flavour of your coffee. It is also the next step in our eco-innovation programme. We have already gone to great lengths to source the best of the best when it comes to beans. We have built up a network of relationships with farmers, mills, exporters and importers across the globe. This ensures full traceability and greater sustainability. We have already created a purpose-built Roastery to house the greenest, most efficient roaster on the planet, that gives us exact profiles for each bean, so we can replicate our favourite roasts. It is only fitting therefore that the last part of the journey for this little bean, the packaging, should be given the scrutiny and innovation it deserves. You WILL taste the difference!

We hope you enjoy using our new bags as much as we’ve enjoyed developing them and we look forward to filling them with lots more tasty coffees and teas to come! If you have any more questions, get in touch here: We’d love to hear your feedback, especially regarding any new flavours you can now pick up and how long the freshness lasts.

Thank you for all you continued support. Together we can make a difference to reduce our Carbon Footprint and make an impact on the daily lives of our coffee producers at origin.
Our new coffee & tea packaging made of PET and PE plastic and the plastic number is 7. Please check with your local council before recycling. You bring your bags back to the shop where we will recycle them for you with Terracyle, or better yet reuse it and get a refill!
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