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Mountain Dripper
The Mountain Dripper is a porcelain pour over dripper designed to accommodate coffee brewing for either a cone or flat bottomed paper filter. For this brew method we will use the latter with a Kalita Wave paper. Unlike brewing with a V60 or Chemex, in which water channels to one central point, the flat bottom of the Mountain Dripper makes it easy to achieve an even extraction as water passes evenly through a level coffee bed through multiple holes. For this brew method you will need:
Mountain Dripper
Kalita filter paper (1 cup)
20g Coffee
300ml hot water, just off the boil
With pour over coffee it is particularly important to get the right grind for the volume and type of method you are using. We will be grinding quite coarse (just finer than cafetiere grind) aiming for a long brew time of 3:30. Pouring every 30 seconds, we will pour in 6 small increments in a circular motion, waiting for the water to drain through the coffee grounds each time. These small pours will help heighten sweetness and acidity at the beginning of the brew and dilute to the desired strength at the end of the brew.
First, rinse the paper filter in the Mountain Dripper over a mug, warming the mug, dripper and cleaning any papery taste from the filter. Discard the water and put ground coffee in the dripper, wet with 30g of water and wait 30 seconds to drip though. After 30 seconds pour again up to 100g. After one minute pour to 150g, then pour in 50g increments, 30 seconds apart until you reach 300g in around 3 minutes 30 seconds.
0:00 pour 30g (Bloom)
0:30 pour 70g
1:00 pour 50g
1:30 pour 50g
2:00 pour 50g
2:30 pour 50g
3:30 end brew time
We've found that this brew method works really well with coffees with lots of complex acidity and sweetness giving a delicate, tea-like mouthfeel. If you're a fan of African coffee this will be right up your street!
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