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The Shop

We sell freshly roasted specialty coffees, amazing leaf teas and variety of high quality manual brewing equipment for the home barista.

Cherry / Dates / Caramel
Cocoa / Brown Sugar / Dried figs
Dark Chocolate / Hazelnut / Molasses
Welcome to The Shop.

We’ve been selling coffee and tea to the good people of Lancaster at our current Atkinsons HQ on China Street since 1901. With Terrazzo floor, predating the shop itself, Waring and Gillow shelving and Georgian Canisters and Scales, the interior, although showing a patina of age, is practically untouched and our vintage Uno roaster can still be seen billowing smoke out into the streets every Saturday.

While so little of our operations have changed out front the real innovation lies behind the scenes. Just past the back wall where the leather roasters apron hangs the building opens out into our huge new eco-build roastery where our shiny new toy, the Loring Kestrel is flanked by two industrial 1930s Whitmees which are still fired up for certain roasts.


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