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The Music Room

Prototype Espresso
Floral / Hops / Syrup
Stereotype Espresso
Cocoa / Brown Sugar / Hazelnut
Archetype Espresso
Dark Chocolate / Hazelnut / Molasses
Welcome to The Music Room.

Back in early 2010 we were serving coffee to two tables which we’d shoehorned into the shop. Space was at a premium and was filling fast through the development of the retail business and it became obvious that we needed a second site. We needed a café.

Just across the road in the hidden away Sun Square stood a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian pavilion with a shop unit which had recently come onto the market. It was a perfect storm and in one of those lightbulb moments the Music Room was born.

Fast forward to today and it has been the venue for countless art exhibitions and been the training ground for two UKBC entries and is still hands down the best-looking café in the North West on a sunny Lancashire day. You’ll find a choice of espresso brewed on a Sanremo Verona RS and a multitude of Single Origins brewed on V60 or batch by some of the nicest baristas going.





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