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Our Chemex Brew Guide - A tutorial on how to brew coffee using a Chemex. This beautiful design classic is perfect for big brews to share.

The dates back to 1941 and as a coffee brewer still makes delicious coffee to this day. It's design is recognised in the world of science and art combining the functionality of laboratory design with domestic homeware. Is it made from a single piece of glass helping avoid flavour taints and a wooden collar provides a handle to protect from the heat of the

Chemex coffee is prized for it's clean, silky mouthfeel. Something which is achieved through the extra filtration provided by the thick Chemex bonded papers. Brewing with Chemex is pretty straight forward. We recommend keeping the slurry full and adding water in 2-3 pours. After the bloom phase we recommend adding 60% of the total brew weight in the first pour and the remaining 40% in the second pour. Below is our recommended brew guide for a 6 cup Chemex brewing 500ml of coffee.

Dose : 32g
Grind : Coarse (7-8 on EK 43)
Brew weight : 500g
Temp : 94 Degrees
Time : 4:30 - 5 minutes

1) Pour 60-70g of water making sure all the grounds are wet.

2) After 30 seconds pour 280g of water adding some turbulence as you pour in a circular motion.

3) As water level started to drop at around 1:30, pour again up to 500g.

4) Total brew time should take between 4:30 and 5 minutes. If the extraction time is too long grind coarser, if it is too short, grind finer.

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