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Episode 1 - Cafetière
Using a Cafetière is a great way maximise body in a coffee and works perfectly with medium/dark or omni roast coffees. This is probably one of the most popular brew methods used in the UK probably in part due to its ease of use. Our top tips for this brew method are to make sure you keep all the parts clean and as you will see in this video, don't plunge fully. After stirring, coffee grounds will fall to the bottom of the cafetière naturally. Plunging fully will just agitate those grounds to make the brew overly silty.


1. Grind 50g of coffee on a medium/coarse setting.

2. Pour 800g of water just off the boil wetting all the grounds.

3. Wait 4 minutes.

4. Stir and skim the grounds off the top using two spoons.

5. Wait another 2 minutes for the grounds to settle.

6. Place top back on and plunge just below the surface.

7. Pour and enjoy.
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