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Brew Guides

Using tricks of the trade learn how to craft the perfect cup of coffee at home, work or on the bar. It's manual brewing science made easy!


Different brew methods can achieve different results in your cup of coffee, bringing out more acidity with some or more body with others. If you want to experiment more with your coffee routine at home here are a few of our top tips;

1. Invest in a set of scales. Making coffee is a bit like baking a cake, you need the right recipe to get the best results. To do this, using a set of scales ensures you can easily monitor your ratio of coffee to water and adjust strength and extraction accordingly.

2. Grind Fresh. When coffee is freshly ground it releases volatile aromatics that, ideally, you want to end up in your brewed coffee. This aroma fades over time resulting is less flavour in the cup the longer the coffee is in ground form.

3. Time your brew. Put simply, the longer coffee is in contact with water, the more it extracts into the liquid. Whatever the brew method, check the contact time to avoid a brew that is too strong and over extracted or weak and under extracted.

Try mixing up your brew methods at home and click below to take a look at some of brewing equipment.

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