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Aeropress Championships
Last week we were honoured to host some of the north's finest baristas at our Manchester café at The Mackie Mayor for the Northern Heats of the World Aeropress Championships. Twenty-one competitors took it in turns to showcase their Aeropress recipes to the judges, with 3 competitors per round having to brew their best coffee within 8 minutes. As a mixture of immersion and percolation, with the addition of some pressure, this is one of the most versatile brew methods out there. Here's a run down of the top three recipes from the heats for you to have a play with at home.


Taking first place was ex-Atkinsons lad and long time barista Andy Farrington, now working his magic at Machina Espresso in Edinburgh. This recipe really goes into some pretty intricate detail. We've got a metal and paper filter, a water recipe and varying water temperatures using a bypass method for the recipe. This trend for lower temperature brewing water and bypass methods (making a strong brew which is then diluted to the correct strength) are trends that have seen winning recipes in recent years and that haven't failed Andy this time! Take a look at the winning recipe below and prepare for Aeropress heaven!
32.5g Coffee
7 EK Grind (medium to coarse)
Water (Third wave water sachet + Glenlivet bottled water)
150 Micron super fine metal filter

Invert Aeropress
Prewet filter in cap (metal filter on the bottom, single paper filter on top)
Add coffee
Pour 100ml of 85 degree water for 30 seconds
Stir for 30 seconds
Attach cap, flip and press
Add 85ml of 85 degree water and 40ml room temp water
Mix and serve


Taking second place we had barista trainer and latte art don Evan Hwang, again going for the metal and paper filter combo to achieve that super clean mouthfeel. Here we've got a fairly normal brew ratio with an extra low brew temperature to help reduce any bitterness as well as a bit of bypass going on at the end. Possibly one of the simplest recipes of the competition but also one of the best, give it a go!
• Coffee: 15 grams
• Grind Size: Setting 4 on EK43
• Water: 180 grams at 78 degree water
• Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 12:1
• Brew Time: 3:00

1. Use two filters (metal and paper) to increase clarity in the cup.
2. Filter cap bottom, plunger top and 15g ground coffee in chamber.
3. Add 40g hot water in 30sec, stir the bloom.
4. Add 120g hot water in 2 min 30sec then stir the bloom.
5. Start plunging slowly.
6. Add 20g more water.


Alvaro Notario, working at Federal Cafe in Manchester, went for a slightly more conventional temperature and brew ratio, compared to some of the more wacky Aeropress methods out there these days. This is a fairly simple method in principle but the devil's in the detail. Very specific stirring and timing involved in this one which clearly paid off, well worth a try a at home.
•20g coffee.
•230g water.

Bloom with 80g of water for 35 sec and stir 10 times, after the second 35 secs add 120g of water and stir 10 more times, put the filter holder in place and wait for 2 min total time. Invert Aeropress and press to extract the coffee in 20 sec. You should have 160/170 grams of coffee into the mug, add 30g of water and you're done!
Thanks to everybody who made it along and helped to make it such a great night! If you wished you’d been there, never mind, there’ll be more Barista events coming soon. Watch this space and keep up to date with all the latest news by signing up to our newsletter below.
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